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Chris Bianchi Artist Manager (Get To Know Interview)

Get to know more about Chris Bianchi. A worldwide music artist manager, entrepreneur, and label owner from Cleveland, Ohio. He's the owner of CB Entertainment artist management firm and LEGEND Recordings, a record label partnered with INgrooves music group globally.

When did you get started in music?

I got my first drum set at around 3 years old. My entire life theres been something special between music and myself. I always felt a natural knack to tap on things which led me to playing drums in local bands with some friends. Eventually, in high-school I ended up as the vocalist for the heavy-metal band Forever In Terror which was signed to Metal Blade Records.

What band(s) were you in?

In Middle School, I was the drummer for a post-hardcore band called Half Hearted Handgun. We played all over Northeast Ohio and I think into Pennsylvania a few times in the early 2000's.

Into High-School I became the vocalist for the heavy metal group Forever In Terror signed to Metal Blade Records. You can watch our music video below.

What instruments can you play?

Over the years I've picked up on a few different instruments. The saying "player of many, master of none" applies to myself. My strongest would be drumming, followed by vocals/screaming, guitar, bass, piano. Those are the main things I can play.

When did you get into the business?

I started technically booking shows for my band in middle school. From renting the hall, signing papers, planning out costs, working out deals with the local bands. That led to myself mostly handing the booking for our out of town shows in my first band. In our band that had a record deal, I eventually took over the day to day management role and things took off from there right around 2009, music became full-time.

How did you learn the music industry?

This is a great question. The best response here would be literally living it. Every single day of my literal life from middle school-on there's been nothing more that I've ever wanted to do. I would dream about being in the music industry and just never gave up on the paths that happened to come my way. That-paired with an extreme amount of hands-on trial and error. Learning what works from doing it and that still personally feels like the best approach on a lot of things in the entertainment industry.

What advice do you have for other managers?

Sure! Don't be afraid to connect with others around you who are doing what you're trying to do. Take notes. Pay attention and there really are no "rules" in the music business. Try new things. Innovate in any way that you can! Most importantly- be fair to your clients and have fun. If you're ever lucky enough to have such an incredible career or potential passion, live it up and go for it!

What goals do you have in the next 5 years?

Right now I'm in the process of building a new office space that the goal will be to increase workflow and add 1-2 members to our team in-house for CB Entertainment + LEGEND Recordings. Utilizing that plus our distribution and merchandising networks will be a major focus in the coming years. We want to help select artists leverage their hard-work and efforts to maximize their audience, understanding, and profits.

From this-to open an even bigger music warehouse which would house office space, photo studio, recording studio, game room, live concert room, printing facilities all in one space.

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