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3 Tips For Easy Content Creation

I know how hard it can sometimes feel when it comes to creating content. The overwhelming sensation from where to. postwhat, when, how?

Not to fret. I've spent an incredible amount of time personally to find some of the best things that have worked for myself, and I want to share them with you!

Start with the WHAT- You need to choose what style of content you want to share with your audience in a post to engage them. It is going to be a photo, a short clip, a longer video? Deciding what it is you're going to post is a big starting point and base that around the need of what it is you're trying to express.

Focus On What Works- If you are already active on the social platforms, you'll know best which one seems to have your strongest audience. What place are your fans or subscribers commenting, liking, sharing the most is where to start and be sure to engage them first. From there, you can share the content across others and don't be afraid to change up your phrasing to suit each platform a bit even if posting the same thing visually.

Reuse Things- You can easily re-post a statement from months back. Your audience by that time has grown and some of your viewers might have missed the first post. Same for things like videos. If it's of length- find a few select parts to clip and use those as highlights. If you're crafty you can create all sorts of fresh posts and ensure important things can be used more than once.

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Sep 14, 2022

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