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The Music Agenda: An informative new book for Bands

Are you in a Band or a Musician? This post is for you!

The Music Agenda is a combination of the knowledge of the authors and their experiences working in the music industry. From managing and booking shows for bands to dealing with having to fix a broken-down van at 2 a.m., or negotiating a deal for an artist with a major record label, the authors have come together to impart their knowledge on the reader in order to give them a distinct advantage in today’s music business.

Throughout this book, you will learn the necessary skills and knowledge needed to operate in today’s fast-paced business. Learning the terminology and lingo of the business will allow you, the artist, to have a basic understanding of what the industry professionals are talking about when you speak to them. Learning the steps necessary to protect your music and hire your team will allow you to be confident as you pursue your career in the music industry.

As the co-author as well, a worldwide Music Artist Manager, I highly recommend this to anyone looking to learn more about Music as a Career!

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Nov 09, 2019


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